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Megaloceros and the Apes

April 4th, 2013

A photo from the forthcoming production of The Story of Everything; out of the inky blackness appears megaloceros and the apes! Wow! The Story of Everything: From the Big Bang until now with pop-up and pop-music By Neal Layton, in a version by Judith Wilske and Maren Simoneit, from the English Language by Manuel Thannheiser. […]

An Ichthyostega!

March 11th, 2013

Some more photos from the forthcoming stage production of The Story of Everything. Hand painted ichythostega costume by visual artist Silvana Toneva. Look it’s grown legs! And arms! Here is my drawing of ichythostega that the costume is based on.  

Here are some photos of the musical trilobites from the forthcoming stage production of The Story of Everything. This yellow one is the guitarist, this green one plays the acordian, and here is the drummer!   Well done to all the Theater an de Parkaue team. I think they look fantastic! The show opens in Berlin 9th April […]

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