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Megaloceros and the Apes

April 4th, 2013


A photo from the forthcoming production of The Story of Everything; out of the inky blackness appears megaloceros and the apes! Wow!

The Story of Everything: From the Big Bang until now with pop-up and pop-music

By Neal Layton, in a version by Judith Wilske and Maren Simoneit, from the English Language by Manuel Thannheiser.

Premiere on 9th April in Berlin.

“Coproduction of the THEATER AN DER PARKAUE with the college for dramatic arts “Ernst Busch”, department for puppet theatre.

“A long time ago there was nothing, no cosmic space, no time, no planets, no humans, not even nothing. What happens when nothing explodes in a nothing? As strange as it sounds, a universe comes into existence. “The Story Of Everything” is a geoscientific magic play. The protagonist is the stage, which narrates the evolution of our planet with flora and fauna from the Big Bang until today as a vivid non-fictional story in eleven pop-up pictures. Presented by the ultimate contemporary witness, a protozoon-conférencier, and accompanied by the four-headed trilobite band, it takes us on a journey through the stadiums of world history in a mixture of facts and philosophy, physics and magic, life and death.

“Neal Layton’s splendidly illustrated children’s books have received numerous awards and are internationally successful. For the adaption of the storybook “The Story Of Everything” Judith Wilske (directress and economist), Maren Simoneit (drama expert), Alex Tiller (cofounder of the Puppetmastaz) and Silvana Toneva (visual artist) unite our company and puppet theatre students of the “Ernst Busch” college with pop-up art. Wilske & Simoneit became known for their children’s book on purchasing behaviour and brands with the title “Why do you shop?” and the participatory project “Kinder zu Unternehmern!” [“children as entrepreneurs!”]. Judith Wilske was involved in the WINTERAKADEMIE 7 [a one-week project with children and adolescents which takes place every year at the THEATER AN DER PARKAUE]. At the Berner Biennale 2012 Wilske & Simoneit participated with their project “Die gute Bank” [“the good bank”].”

(excert from Theatre an der Parkaue’s catalogue)

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